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Closet Cleaning


I am working on major projects this year and I plan to post pictures of it later this year. So, I am in the process of doing a major closet cleaning to make room for my new project.I am getting rid of anything that I do not want or need. So I am selling more items on eBay so that I can have more space in my closets. Since  my eBay store, is just a hobby and not a business, I have many items listed for great prices. Check out  my eBay store. Lots of items have been worn three times or less or not at all.

Also, I will be posting items to my eBay store this month and each month until my project is complete as I have time. I collect the items from my closet and then put them in mailing bags until I have time to list them. So check  frequently and you can follow  my eBay store and receive notifications on your phone or email or eBay account when I post new items.

I am so excited to post the pictures here later this year, once my project is in its final stages.


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